Kindergarten Center Posters and Planning Guides

Learning Centers (also known as Interest Centers or Developmental Centers) offer students a variety of carefully selected materials, activities, and learning experiences from which to choose to support various learning standards and educational goals. Often learning centers have a place to sit and work with shelves and materials surrounding the area, creating a protected space where children can work independently or with classmates. Teachers are actively engaged with the students, using the centers as a structure for teaching (Phillips & Scrinzi, 2013).

The Kindergarten Center Posters and accompanying Planning Guides are designed to support efforts in setting up various learning centers in a kindergarten classroom and to think intentionally about, plan for and facilitate important learning to occur in these areas. Resources address the following Learning Centers:
  • Art Center
  • Block Center
  • Books & Listening Center
  • Dramatic Play Center
  • Math Center
  • Science Center
  • Writing Center

These resources are also available for purchase from the NCDPI Publications catalogue:
Item number KG122, $12.00 per set, printed in color and on cardstock.

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